Product Marketing

• Analyze and productize your offering’s featrues, benefits and solutions.

• Conduct competitive analysis, and identify [your product’s] differentiators/UVPs.

Visually present data to easily identify strongest features and benefits of your offering.

• Identify potential features to implement in your offering to become [more] competitive.

• Project Target Markets and Users who will likely benefit from the features your offering provides.

• Propose Horizontal and Vertical features and markets for your current offering.

Branding and Marketing Campaigns

• Bridge marketing, sales and customer service to develop advertising, video and email campaigns that address user experience, and converts new users.

• Develop a unique corporate identity and voice (taglines) that will be as powerful on a Twitter feed as on the side of your headquarters.

• Produce corporate Brand Standard for your organization to keep employees and consultants building your brand awareness with each campaign and across all media.

• Create training and support curriculum, courses and materials, such as HR logistics or Brand Standards campaigns.

• Develop a social media marketing (SMM) strategy, through the implementation of digital ad campaigns for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram…etc.

• Create immersive and interactive websites and branding campaigns for education startups looking to become an Ed Tech industry brand

• Produce advertising and marketing campaigns that funnel prospects from awareness to sales of your offering, use of your service, or enrollment in your classes.

• Create A/B (split-test) email campaigns that convert viewers to customers.

• Design and produce direct mail and print advertising campaigns that get response.

• Write SEO (search engine optimization) content marketing for SMM, print and online ad campaigns, websites, landing pages, video scripts, blogs, vlogs…etc.

• Craft a unique brand story for your education startup, focused on satisfying your target audience, with messaging that addresses their individual needs for greater conversion.

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BRANDING and MARKETING your offering can only happen once you have a product or service that’s been validated to have market potential. If your offering has not gone through this validation process, begin with EDU Immersive’s PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT SERVICES .