Ready to validate your education offering, then craft your story, create your brand, and market your Ed Tech company?

Our team of exceptional product managers, interactive marketing and branding creatives, implement targeted campaigns for education companies that increase user engagement and get response. EDU Immersive forms intimate partnerships with our clients to help them grow their Ed Tech business. We guide them in product development and marketing strategies that will not only meet, but exceed their growth goals.

EDU Immersive provides thought leadership in product development and management, strategic marketing direction, corporate identity packages and standards, through the implementation of branded marketing, advertising, and social media marketing (SMM) campaigns. We’ll help you validate your product assumptions, define your offering’s UVPs to outshine your competitors, then generate branding and marketing campaigns touting the benefits of your offering, that fulfill a desire, or solves a problem of your specific target audiences.

Ed Tech is an exploding, and exciting new industry. Online education is now integral to K-12 public education, as well as colleges and universities globally. And for good reason—learn anything you want, online, anytime. We even get to choose our teachers in most cases, when we take an online course, watch a YouTube video, or use live chat platforms to learn from business ‘experts.’

Education technologies that enable online learning, to academic platforms, EDU Immersive will take your Ed Tech company, step-by-step, through the productization of your offering to the marketing of your branded product or service.

EDU Immersive will help you streamline your product development, and create marketing that will stand out in this growing Ed Tech space with campaigns that will help you turn your education company into a viral brand.

We’re excited to hear about your Ed Tech offering! Tell us about your product or service, your issues with development and marketing, and we’ll get back to you with potential solutions.

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